All About Me…

My name is Samuel Toth. I am a current senior at Bearden High School participating in the Work Based Learning Career Practicum. I am current Captain of the Bearden Swim Team, and participate in the National Art Honors Society. In the future I intend to attend a 4 year university, majoring in Computer Science BS. I will continue my work for 1507 Solutions after high school as well. During my sophomore year summer of college, I will be participating in an internship program at Anduril Industries in Orange County, CA, to get involved with defense contracting, and hope that I would be able to continue my career there.

MBTI Personality type

Introverted – 61%, Observant – 54%, Thinking – 59%, Judging – 65%,  Assertive – 54%
ROLE: Sentinel
Strategy: Confident Individualism

Other Personality Type

ISTJ Personality Type
The Traditionalist

In this portfolio, you will find my studies about myself, my works I have completed, worked on, or am currently working on for 1507 Solutions, my resume, and references from my supervisor and employer.