My Work At 1507 Solutions


One of my obligations I must complete twice a week include maintenance and security checks on our websites. This spreadsheet shows the list of websites I  check on and what needs checking on each time, and the 1 represents that the website has been checked and is up and running with no problems.

Another work I’ve done with 1507 Solutions includes creating a website based for training called Knox Dogs, and unofficial mock business used for website building training. You can find it by clicking the button

Another example of my work is a mock law firm website I am currently working on, called Knox Law. I researched what makes up a law firm amongst services, and began building. This website will be completed within one week of the date 12/15/2023.

My final example of my work I’ve done is a personal project to showcase my abilities, which was myself building a business and making a website for myself to be proud of. It’s called Vurnil Repair, which is focused around fixing Nintendo Switch Controllers/Joy Cons, which is a high demand market, and I am very experienced in fixing joy cons. You can find it at the following button.