My 1507 Solutions Experience

My Response

How do I use Math (numeric literacy) in the work place?:

In my workplace I use math in various ways. At a basic level, I use math for taxes, payment, fees and other money related items. To a more extensive level, I use math very occasionally to use a variable in code of a website, or a number range, or through the use of margins. I also use fundamental levels of math to calculate the amount of hours I have to determine my pay. I also use math by calculating the margins and pixels of an image or blurb, that way I can keep the page symmetrical and looking neat.

How do I use industry specific technology  in the work place?:

In my workplace, my entire job is centered around technology. Obviously there’s a computer, but even further then that I use apps such as Divi to aid in building websites. Another app I use is called Canva, which allows me to photoshop images, generate AI content based images, and use generic stock photos for websites when images are not supplied. Another technology I may use is a calculator to determine total weekly hours as well as pay. Another app I use is google sheets, that way I can easily organize all the clients we have as well as record my hours for the week. One more way I now use technology in the workplace is by marketplace websites which allow me to find other small businesses in need of our services. Without technology, my job wouldn’t exist.

How do I use articulate ideas effectively (oral or written) in the work place?

In my workplace I articulate my ideas effectively through online tools as well as direct means of communication. I use email in my workplace to communicate ideas as well as google sheets to update my boss on my progress. However, my preferred method of communication is direct communication, either face to face or on the phone. This is because it feels much easier to connect and convey my ideas to my boss rather than giving an explanation over written text and leaving the interpretation up to him if something is vague, and instead, I can break it all down with my boss together. I articulate ideas given to me through the same methods, as I collaborate together with my boss. Usually, I’ll take notes while talking with him so I can remember what to do further down the line.

Use imagination and insight to develop original ideas for a new product, service, or solution to a problem at your business. 

A new idea I have as a service would be that I may use external resources to network the business on like-minded platforms, that being Public Square, which is host to countless numbers of small businesses, and I could market ourselves to be small businesses trying to aid other small businesses. This service would be data mining and finding individuals who need an upgrade or entirely new website, then I would draft an email with my offer and contact them, then if I get a reply, begin work on a new website for the individual.

How do I show initiative and self direction in the workplace?

I show initiative and self direction in the workplace in order to contribute to the business when I look out for new potential clients. I’m always looking for a possibility for a new client  of a small business even when I’m off hours. I also show initiative when I data mine on places such as Public Square, where I look for small businesses of similar values to ourselves to assist and provide our service to.

How do I set goals and priorities in the workplace?

I set goals and priorities in the workplace when I get an assignment to complete. A lot of the time I don’t get a deadline specifically in my workplace, so it’s my responsibility to set a deadline as a goal for when I should be done a project, and if I fail to meet the deadline, I should reflect as to why and how I didn’t meet the deadline and try to fix any issues I had in future projects.

How do I demonstrate cultural awareness in the workplace?

I demonstrate cultural awareness in the workplace through my design of websites. In certain websites, an individuals culture and heritage is very important to their business, so it would be my duty to translate that into the website. Whether this involves demonstrating their mission, showing an about us reflecting the business, or showing images demonstrating the business’ culture.

How do I use Literacy (reading and comprehension) in the work place?

I demonstrate literacy in the workplace in two main instances. One of which is on business emails, where I would have to writeup compelling sales pitches to possible customers in order to intrigue them in our services. The other instance where I demonstrate literacy in the workplace, is when I would create content self generated for a company. If the company has a previous website, I would have to take the information from that website, and translate it to my own either paraphrasing or rephrasing entirely. Sometimes, I’ll make the content myself. For instance I’m currently working on a website for a business called Dogwood Haven, where I am aiding in creating the written content for.

My Business Idea(s)

An idea to aid my employer would be to use a small business marketplace, such as Public Square, and find businesses that would be lacking a website or have a poorly designed website, and put them on a list for potential clients. Then, I can take initiative and reach out to the business or business owner, and offer to build them a demo homepage for free so they can see what we have to offer, and hopefully intrigue them to take part in our business.